Boys Junior Varsity Baseball, Boys Varsity Baseball · Baseball Requirements / Equipment for Fall Practice

Hello Everyone:

Below is a list of logistical tasks and the practice gear that will necessary for participation.  Not all the items listed below are required; some of them are optional based on position and what gear you have available.



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Baseball Pants

Protective Cup (It is an OSAA baseball rule that players wear protective cups to play, players need to wear one)


Flat Athletic Shoes (Bring a pair of athletic shoes everyday.  Romeos are not athletic shoes.)

Sleeves (Full or 3/4.  If the temperature is 70 degrees or above, players may wear short sleeves.)

Hat (A pleasant hill hat, if you do not have one please let me know.)


Pleasant Hill Shirt (Since there has been no spirit packs, any Pleasant Hill athletics or navy blue shirt is fine.)


Bat (Not required, but at the moment we have limited team bats.)

Catcher’s Gear (If you have your own gear, and you are a catcher, please bring your gear.)

Water Bottle / Container (Share of water contains is not allowed; players must have a water container.)

Face Covering (Neck gators, masks, etc.  I will have some extra masks, but they are limited at the moment.)


One additional note about wearing face coverings and the OSAA guidelines while participating in baseball; according to these guidelines, face coverings must be worn by all players and coaches.  There is no exception to this rule, this is a mandatory requirement that will allow us to play and compete this Fall.  If an individual refuses to wear a mask then they will not be able to participate.  Players need to get in the habit of always having multiple masks in their baseball bag.

If the OSAA guidelines are not followed, the season will be shutdown.  Unfortunately, there is no wiggle room on these guidelines and we as a coaching staff under the Pleasant Hill name, will be following all the listed guidelines set out by the OSAA and the Pleasant Hill School District and Athletic Department.

If these guidelines are successful this Fall and provide an environment that is viable for athletics during the COVID-19 Pandemic, then most likely they will be similar if not the same in the Spring.  Unfortunately, we as a team have to get use to seeing athletics through a different lens.  For the foreseeable future things will be different, but at the end of the day the most important goal has movement toward progress; the youth of the community are getting to play and compete in athletic activities.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



Johnny Bowden

541-736-0727 (classroom phone)