Boys Junior Varsity Baseball, Boys Varsity Baseball · Fall Baseball Season

Hello Everyone:

I hope that everyone is doing well and has stayed healthy and safe during this period of uncertainty.

First, one item of business to address; I have a spirit pack order with no name on it, but it has been paid for.  If you believe this is your stuff please contact me and I will get you the clothing that was ordered (my contact information is listed below).

Recently, the OSAA set new rules into place allowing baseball to practice and compete in games this Fall.  Due to this new information and the rules that have been established, we will be running a Fall baseball league for approximately 5-7 weeks; timing and dates have not been finalized yet, but I will update everyone as soon as the details of the season are sorted.  I plan on starting the Fall league by the middle of next week so everyone please register online if you plan on playing baseball (or any other sport) this Fall.

Players will still need to register on the athletic website and complete the normal requirements mandated to play a sport.  There is currently a link on the athletic page that will direct you to the sign-up page; I have also listed it below.

Although OSAA is allowing us to compete, we will still need to find another team to play.  There is a chance that we will not be able to schedule any games due to other district’s policies around sports and competing under the school’s name.  If we cannot find another team to play, we will still hold practices and conduct inter-squad games.

Going forward I will be posting all information here on the Pleasant Hill HS athletic website.  Not everyone knows to look here for information, so if you know anyone interested in playing baseball, please direct them to this post.

If you have any questions please email me or call.  I have listed my contact information below.



Johnny Bowden