Billies News · We Will Play Again – Message to Student-Athletes

Pleasant Hill Student Athletes, Parents, Families, & Community,

Like you, I am deeply saddened and disappointed that our schools have closed and our spring athletes we will not have the opportunity compete this season. I feel for all of our student-athletes, coaches, families, student body, officials, and especially our seniors. The health crisis is affecting so many in so many ways. We can only hope that the steps we are taking now will enable all those affected to return to a sense of “normalcy” sooner than later.

What we are being asked to do is the essence of some of the best life lessons in sport. Athletes learn the importance of “WE” not “I” and we, as a society, must come together to support one another. Our coaches work with athletes to teach them that hard work, sacrifice, and a servant-leader approach are key components of success. They create team environments that speak to a higher calling, one that takes precedence over individual concerns.

The current crisis asks our athletes and all of us to apply these values every day. Coaches and parents won’t be able to erase the disappointment of athletes. They can, however, help them see that living up to this difficult civic responsibility is honorable and should become a source of pride.

To our seniors, please know we are all extremely proud of each of you and will cherish the memories of watching you excel in your sport and develop into an impressive class of young men and women.  We are deeply sorry that you will not have the opportunity to write that final chapter of your athletic careers. That said, it is our sincere hope that we have provided an opportunity for you to create lasting memories and relationships and that you will leave here with no regrets and be prepared for the next challenges in your lives.

To the rest of our student-athletes, embrace the fact that you will still get another chance and continue to make the most of every opportunity with which you are presented. Whether you know it or not, you have shaped the next generation of athletes with your passion and dedication to your sport. So, while a shot at a district championship is nice, what’s even better are the lives you have changed and the sport you have shaped along the way.

We are proud of you Billies!!!