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MS Volleyball

This site will be the official communication site for all practice, game schedules, memos, and announcements.  Please be sure to complete all the information in the contact sections in the event you want to be texted with updates.

Check to see if your student will need a sports physical before practice begins.
We will be having summer back to school practice on August 29,30,31 from 330-530 in the auxiliary gym (the 30th is meet teacher day so it is optional)
The first practice will  be Sept 5 (wed).  If there are enough 7th and 8th graders we will make two teams and have placement testing Sept 6,7.(serving, setting, hitting, passing, and general court play)
Game schedule comes out the second week of school. We will have two games per week and two practices per week.  NO FRIDAY GAMES OR PRACTICE. Its a short season about 7 weeks.
 We will be issuing uniforms second week.  For now plan on black socks, knee pads, shorts, and good court shoes.  Just a reminder it is parents responsibility to provide transportation to games but as usual we will be happy to help when we can.
Please let me know if you have any questions.  Feel free to pass this on to other parents that might have girls interested in playing this season. See you all soon!
Thank you